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  • Marques, Lilita A.; Janik, Manfred (University of Namibia, 2016)
    This study focused on job factors (work engagement, organisational commitment) and psychological states (psychological availability, meaningfulness, autonomy, psychological safety) that teachers (N = 628) in Namibian primary ...
  • Janik, Manfred (University of Namibia, 2001)
    Time perspective is the subjective perception a person holds about his/her past, present and future. Past, present and future are regarded as the dimensions of time perspective. All experiences/events are sorted into the ...
  • Janik, Manfred (2013)
    This study focussed on job and personal factors that educators (N = 502) in Namibian secondary schools need for increased work engagement, positive work outcomes and decreased intention to resign. A quantitative approach ...