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  • Kapenda, Hileni M.; Kandjeo-Marenga, Hedwig U.; Kasanda, Choshi D.; Fred, Lubben (Carfax Publishing, 2002)
    This paper presents a study into science practical work conducted in Namibian classrooms. Lesson plans, task sheets, student work, lesson transcripts and observation notes were used to identify intended learning Outcomes. ...
  • Kasanda, Choshi D.; Lubben, Fred; !Gaoseb, Noah; Kandjeo-Marenga, Utji; Kapenda, Hileni M.; Campbell, Bob (Routledge Publisher, 2005-12-16)
    This paper reports on the usc of out-of-school everyday contexts in Namibian science classrooms. This usc is portrayed against the backdrop of an explicit educational philosophy of learner centred teaching. Data were ...
  • Kasanda, Choshi D.; Kapenda, Hileni M.; !Gaoseb, Noah; Kandjeo-Marenga, Utji (Carfax Publishing, 2003)
    Incidences of prescribed textbook usage in science classrooms in Namibia have been analysed using an approach adapted from linguistic analysis. Aspects of pedagogic purpose, text genre, and the social interactions between ...