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  • Chinsembu, Kazhila C.; Shimwooshili-Shaimemanya, Cornelia N.; Kasanda, Choshi D.; Zealand, Donovan (BioMed Central The Open Access Publisher, 2011-06)
    The use of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) can help students to form schemas for interpreting local phenomena through the prism of what they already know. The formation of schemas related to HIV/AIDS risk perception and ...
  • Kasanda, Choshi D.; Kapenda, Hileni M.; Nicol-Wilson, R.E. (University of Namibia, 2009-03)
    There is a need to enable the four Colleges of education in Namibia to carry out their stated mandate to prepare effective teachers for the primary and junior secondary phases in our education system. Quality teacher ...
  • Kapenda, Hileni M.; Kandjeo-Marenga, Hedwig U.; Kasanda, Choshi D.; Fred, Lubben (Carfax Publishing, 2002)
    This paper presents a study into science practical work conducted in Namibian classrooms. Lesson plans, task sheets, student work, lesson transcripts and observation notes were used to identify intended learning Outcomes. ...