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  • Bishi, Alec S.; Khaiseb, S.; Shaanika, A.; Nambinga, E.K.N.; Kandiwa, Erick; Mushonga, Borden; Samkange, Alaster; Tjipura, G. (2018)
    (Query fever) is a zoonotic disease caused by Coxiella burnetii infection, which is an obligate gram negative intracellular bacterium (Lai et al., 2014). Its preferred target host cells are tissues, macrophages and ...
  • Molini, Umberto; Zaccaria, Guendalina; Kandiwa, Erick; Mushonga, Borden; Khaiseb, S.; Ntahonshikira, Charles; Chiwome, Bernard; Baines, Ian John; Madzingira, Oscar; Savini, Giovani; D’Alterio, Nicola (University of Namibia, 2020)
    Background and Aim: African horse sickness (AHS) is a non-contagious viral disease of horses and other equids caused by an arbovirus belonging to the Reoviridae family and genus Orbivirus. AHS is an endemic disease that ...