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dc.description.abstract Using a web-based survey conducted among 2,481 Namibian, aged 18 years or older, the factors and motivations driving individuals’ decisions on marine fish consumption, spatial fish consumption, and possible strategies to promote domestic marine fish consumption were explored. Most participants (97.9%) were aware of the importance of fish in the human diet, with many preferring hake (Merluccius capensis and M. paradoxus) (31.5%) and Cape horse mackerel (Trachurus capensis) (21.7%). Most respondents (64.1%) were poor fish consumers, consuming fish once a week or once a month. Participants claimed that they mostly purchased marine fish from retail fish shops (50.7%), wholesale fish companies (18.8%), and the Namibian Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (17.4%). Factors affecting marine fish affordability in Namibia were explained with a Logit Model, with age, education, gender, monthly income, and region of residence as the explanatory variables. Responses regarding fish affordability were principally driven by age, education, and monthly income (p < 0.05). The Khomas region purchased the most marine fish (60,764.8 weighted kg) in 2019. There was a consensus across all participants that regular fish consumption is beneficial to human health; however, participants listed affordability and accessibility of marine fish as critical constraints. Results indicate that Namibian marine fish consumption is poor and needs to be promoted. Results suggest ways to stimulate marine fish consumption locally and elsewhere to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 to end hunger and alleviate malnutrition. en_US
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dc.title Public perceptions and factors affecting domestic marine fish consumption in Namibia, Southwestern Africa en_US
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