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dc.contributor.advisor en_US Alueendo, Matheus en_US 2009 en_US
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dc.description.abstract In an attempt to understand NCOs views and perceptions regarding career development and progression in the NDF, this study has adopted theories that recognised the humanistic approach to learning. These include Vygotsky's social constructivist theory and lifelong learning theory en_US
dc.description.abstract The research design that was adopted in this study is based on qualitative approach due to the nature of this study. The target population of the study included all NCOs in the Windhoek DHQs. Purposeful stratified sampling technique was used in the sample selection of 45 respondents from the rank band of NCOs representing fifteen percent (15) of the population sample. An interview schedule was used as the main research instrument supported by observations in the data collection process en_US
dc.description.abstract To ensure trustworthiness of the research instrument, a pilot study was undertaken prior to the actual data collection.The debate about the need for a clearly defined policy on career development/progression in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) has been widely discussed in the NDF since its inception in 1990. Although there is already an existing policy, issues related to career development/progression among the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) in the NDF has not been clearly articulated. In light of these observations, a research study was initiated to explore and examine views and perceptions of the NCOs in the Windhoek Defence Force Headquarters (DHQs) regarding the effectiveness of the career development/ progression in the NDF. Furthermore, the existing disparities/variations in the levels of educational background, training, qualifications as well as appointment and promotional criteria in the rank band of NCOs prompted the need for such a study in the NDF. In addition, there was a need for a thorough examination of issues pertaining to career development and progression of NCOs in the NDF, seeing that, the study of this nature so far has not been undertaken en_US
dc.description.abstract Overally, the findings of this study have created an understanding of NCOs' views and perceptions regarding the significance of an effective policy on career development/progression in the NDF in several ways; first is that it could assist policymakers in the Ministry of Defence when identifying the need for revision of the existing policy and programmes; second, help the NCOs to conceptualise the need for education and training in relation to career progression in the NDF; and finally contribute to the existing literature on career progression in the military en_US
dc.description.abstract The study has come up with recommendations based on the research findings that inform the policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders dealing with career development and progression in the public service in general and NDF in particular en_US
dc.description.abstract Furthermore, it is expected that this study would gear benefits towards improving the conditions of service of NCOs in the NDF, once the MoD/and DHQs management and officials have made interventions on key issues identified as challenges, barriers or shortcomings on career development and progression as identified in this study. en_US
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dc.subject Namibia military policy en_US
dc.subject National security en_US
dc.subject Vocational guidance en_US
dc.subject Career development en_US
dc.title Views and perceptions of non-commissioned officers regarding the effectiveness of the career development policy in the Namibian Defence Force en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.identifier.isis en_US Windhoek en_US Namibia en_US University of Namibia en_US Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies en_US
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