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Masters Degrees (DM) Science


Recent Submissions

  • Amakutsi, Charlotte (University of Namibia, 2017)
    We studied two models describing transmission dynamics of tuberculosis (TB) and discussed their implications to human health. The first model is analyzed in the presence of treatment of active TB persons and the screened ...
  • Haimene, Mirjam Nangombe (University of Namibia, 2018)
    This study will investigate the strongness property for nearness and nearness partial frames. We initially revisit the concepts of strong and totally strong nearness frame and study their closures under completion. We also ...
  • Lazarus, Elisen N. (University of Namibia, 2018)
    In this mini thesis, we study the application of Lyapunov functions in epidemiological modeling. The aim is to give an extensive discussion of Lyapunov functions, and use some specific classes of epidemiological models to ...