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dc.description.abstract Medicinal mushrooms have provided a natural source of bioactive compounds since ancient times. Ganoderma is such a mushroom, which has worldwide recognition as a medicinally important mushroom. In this review, the authors provide a detailed summary of indigenous Ganoderma research in Namibia, looking at the ethnomycology, biological activity, physicochemical properties, food quality and safety, as well as cultivation of this mushroom. In this paper, all available records of Ganoderma research in Namibia were retrieved from the University of Namibia Institutional Repository with the keyword “Ganoderma”. Ten theses and four peer reviewed articles with a total of 10 authors and 12 subjects, including ethnomedicinal plants, domestication, active compounds, medicinal and AIDS were reviewed. The main objective of this review is to guide researchers on the direction for future research and product development of Ganoderma in Namibia. The literature review highlights the potential to establish research and development activities of indigenous Namibian Ganoderma species. The study identifies an important knowledge gap on Ganoderma research, such as the complete morphological and molecular description of species, regulation and standardization of metabolites and characterization of novel compounds identified in indigenous Namibian Ganoderma. The domestication and cultivation of medicinal and edible mushrooms provide an excellent opportunity to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of promoting good health and well-being (SDG 3), nutrition (SDG 2: Zero Hunger), and income generation (SDG 1: no poverty). en_US
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dc.title Ganoderma research activities and development in Namibia: A review en_US
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