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  • Archibong, Edet F. (University of Namibia, 2013)
    The ground and low-lying excited states of AlS2 and AlS􀀀2 have been studied using density functional theory (DFT) and coupled cluster [CCSD(T)] approximations, in conjunctions with the 6-311+G(2df) one particle basis ...
  • Kazembe, Lawrence N.; Archibong, Edet F.; Chimwamurombe, Percy M.; Singh, Shyam; Chinsembu, Kazhila C. (University of Namibia, 2013)
    What unites science, as Sir David Cox mentioned, is not the subject matter we all work in, but the methodology and the thought process that help solve the problems that arise [1]. Put differently, it is the replicability ...