Sustainable teaching professional ethics in the post-digital Era

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OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development
Sustainable teaching professional ethics in the post-digital era encompasses the principles and practices that educators must uphold to ensure responsible and ethical utilisation of technology while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. As technology plays a significant role in education, teachers must integrate sustainable teaching practices into their methods and incorporate digital tools ethically and responsibly. This paper explores policy and practices' implications for fostering sustainable teaching professional ethics in the post-digital era. It emphasises the importance of environmental awareness, digital citizenship, equity and access, privacy and data protection, ethical use of technology, critical thinking, and balancing digital and analogue learning. The paper also highlights the need for policy development, teaching profession and professional development, curriculum integration, access to technology, ethical use of data and privacy protection, collaboration, and ongoing evaluation and feedback. By addressing these aspects, educational systems can create an environment that fosters sustainable teaching professional ethics, preparing students to become responsible global citizens who prioritise sustainability and the ethical use of technology. Further research is warranted to investigate the challenges and effective strategies for integrating sustainability and digital ethics into teaching practices in the post-digital era
Digital era, ICT, Professional ethics, Sustainable, Teaching