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Editorial : In Praise of Our Reviewers ISTJN Publishes its Fifth Volume and 60th Article. The publication of the International Science & Technology Journal of Namibia (ISTJN) began 2 years ago. ISTJN was an aspirational idea of the Faculty of Science from the beginning, driven by the vision of Prof Gideon, the Dean of Science. The principle behind the establishment of the Journal was to have a multi-disciplinary, broad acceptance journal with no limits to the scope of research. This principle has propelled its growth. And grow it did. As we go to print Volume 5, we have enough materials to immediately start production of Volume 6. And ISTJN has grown. Volume 5 publishes its 60th article, and here is the 60th ISTJN article: Rennie and Bates (2015)-Psychology and adherence of tuberculosis patients: Do illness perceptions predict poor adherence to TB management? Though thrilled to have reached this milestone, we are even more excited to see where the next five volumes, or next 60 will lead. The move to have the Journal hosted online is equally bearing fruits. Already, as we go to press, the first three volumes have been uploaded on its portal: istjn.unam.na. Volumes 4 and 5 will follow shortly. In this regards, we extend our appreciation to the Associate Dean of the School of Computing, Dr. Kauna Mufeti, who set up the ISTJN website. In Praise of Our Reviewers ISTJN has benefitted tremendously from invaluable time our reviewer have spent to contribute to improving and adhering to standards that govern peer-reviewing. We hereby acknowledge the dedication and immense contributions of all who served as ISTJN reviewers from its inception in 2013. Dr. B Ogbonna Dr. P. Kapewangolo Dr S. Louw Dr R. Hans Dr K. Chinsembu M. Hedimbi Prof M. Mathuthu Dr M. Knott Prof F. Mausse Prof P. Odonkor Dr B. Mwakikunga Dr P. Mpeketula Dr I. Neema Dr C. Kamunda Prof P. Chimwamurombe Prof J.-B. Gatsinzi Dr M. Mugochi Prof I. Mapaure Prof B. Mapani Dr J. Mfune Dr L. Lukolo Dr P. Bille Dr E. Julies Prof T. Rennie V. Hasheela Prof D. Grierson Dr A. Cheikhyoussef Dr B. Kahler Prof Kaori Sakamoto N. Rudall Dr P. Ali Dr L. Eneya Prof B. Chisala

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