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Show simple item record Toivonen, Leena Ndinoshiho, Joseph Megameno 2015-06-10T14:24:53Z 2015-06-10T14:24:53Z 2012
dc.identifier.citation Toivonen, L. &Ndinoshiho, J.M. (2012). Strategic competence management in University Libraries. In M. Iivonen, P. Helminen, J. Ndinoshiho & O Sisättö (Eds.), Empowering people : Collaboration between Finnish and Namibian University Librarie (38-56). Tampere : Tampere University Press en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 9789514489785
dc.description.abstract Universities around the world have recently undergone fundamental transformations largely due to changes in higher education, advances in information technology and new funding models. University libraries have not escaped the impact of these changes. The changes in academia and the information landscape have placed an increased demand upon library leaders to pay great attention to the management of competencies within their libraries. This is important, because information professionals of the 21st century are required to be multi-skilled if they are to survive in their dynamic operating environment. Apart from core competencies gained from library schools, today’s information professionals need to possess an array of skills, ranging from managerial, technological, research, communication, financial and interpersonal skills. These skills will enable information professionals to make meaningful contributions towards achieving the vision and mission of their parent institutions. Referring to modern librarians, Kwanya, Stilwell and Underwood argue that “they should understand the big picture and align the library to the parent organization’s vision and mission” (Kwanya & Stilwell & Underwood 2012, 10). It is therefore imperative for library managers to not only understand the concept of competence management but to also assimilate and apply it in the management of human resources. Competence management may be viewed as the method adopted by a particular organization to manage human resources competencies in an effective and efficient manner. Thus, competence management is an important strategy to ensure that the organization maintains a competent labour force in the right place at the right time. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Tampere University Press. en_US
dc.subject Competence management en_US
dc.subject Strategic competence en_US
dc.title Strategic competence management in University Libraries en_US
dc.type Book chapter en_US

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