Women empowerment through social enterprise

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This chapter explores the dynamic intersection of women’s empowerment and social enterprise as a powerful catalyst for positive societal transformation. As the world grapples with persistent gender disparities, innovative approaches are essential to create opportunities for women to thrive eco nomically, socially, and personally. Social enterprises, with their unique blend of purpose-driven missions and sustainable business models, emerge as a promising avenue to address these chal lenges. The chapter begins by delving into the theoretical framework of women’s empowerment. It then transitions into a review of case studies and real-world examples; the chapter illustrates the transformative impact of social enterprises on women’s lives. These enterprises not only provide economic opportunities through skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship but also contribute to the creation of supportive ecosystems that foster self-esteem, leadership, and com munity engagement
Women empowerment, Social enterprise, Societal transformation, Namibia, Entrepreneurship