The impact of service charters on service delivery in Namibia's public sector: A case study of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME)

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University of Namibia
The objective of the study was to examine the extent to which the development of Service Charters has contributed to improving efficient and effective delivery in Namibia's Public Sector: A case of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The general feeling is that the delivery of services to the public in Namibia is still lagging behind, and it lacks efficiency due to slow policy implementation and lack of follow up actions. The most overarching question that seeks to be answered through this study: was whether the Public Service of Namibia, especially the Ministry of Mines and Energy, is ready and committed to transforming Namibia and to guide the country's progression towards a Vision 2030, especially after the introduction, development and implementation of Service Charters? Combinations of qualitative and quantitative research technique were used in conducting the study. The study was exploratory in nature, as the aim was to ascertain the impact of Service Charter on efficient and effective service delivery in the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The study found that there is a gap, in terms of monitoring and evaluation of the impact of Service Charter implementation. Therefore, the impact of the implementation of service charters on service delivery remains such an intractable challenge. It is therefore, recommended that there is a need to take stock of the service charter implementation programme. This should be done in order to establish what work, what went wrong and map the way forward. In other word as required by NDP3 , there is a need to design an integrated monitoring, reporting and evaluation system on service charters' implementation across the Public Service in Namibia.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Public Administration
Ministry of mines and energy, Namibia public sector, Public service in Namibia