An assessment of food production, processing and storage at community level in Kavango East region: A case study of Ndiyona, Mashare and Rundu rural east constituencies

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University of Namibia
Food security is often defined in terms food availability, food access and food utilization (USAID 1995). Food availability is achieved when sufficient quantities of food are constantly available to all individuals within the country. Such food items can be supplied through house hold production, other domestic output, commercial outputs and commercial imports of food assistance. Access is assured when household and all individuals within them have adequate resources to obtain appropriate food for a nutritional diet. Access depends upon disposable income available to house hold. The main objective of the study on food security was to assess and describe the factors influencing the production, processing and storage of Mahangu food at household and community levels in the Kavango East Region in Namibia. The study adopted a qualitative approach involving collection of data through observations and interviews from the study area and the inhabitants of the study area. The sample of the study comprised of 3 constituency Councillors (one from each constituency), 3 members of the Local Development Coordinating Committee (one from each constituency) and 5 heads of households from each constituency (total, 15 heads of households). Interview guides were used as research instruments to solicit information from the sample chosen. The data collected was analysed qualitatively using themes and narratives from participants. From the findings of the study, it was concluded that food security is a major problem in the Kavango East Region due to un favorable climate, poor food production, poor food processing and poor food storage. From the findings and conclusions, it was recommended that there should be a review of agricultural institutional policies and support that would make Kavango East a bread basket for other Regions in Namibia.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies (MASSS)
Food production, Food processing, Food processing