Investigating strategies to improve superior sustainable performance in the Namibian mining industry

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University of Namibia
The mining industry is the primary sector anchor and the largest contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Namibian economy and it can potentially drive the country towards industrialization by adding value to its products via the implementation of the Mineral Beneficiation Strategy (MBS). Unfortunately, the mining industry is currently unsustainable because 52% of the operations have stopped production. This research is aimed at investigating strategies that may potentially improve superior sustainable performance in the Namibian mining industry. The research methodology applied, utilised the explanatory sequential mixed methods research (MMR) approach. In this case, quantitative and qualitative data were collected by using a self-administered open-ended questionnaire and a semi-structured interview guide, respectively. To improve superior sustainable performance, the data inferred that the mines should successfully execute strategic projects such as the life of mine extension, increasing production, improving efficiencies, and improving all-in sustaining cost (AISC). It was found that the major factors negatively influencing superior sustainable performance include the following: a decline in commodity prices, mine flooding due to underground water, geotechnical risks, depleted ore reserves, declined ore grade, and mineralogical changes. The strategies to improve superior sustainable performance were established by applying a SWOT/TOWS analysis model and by creating an integrated strategy map that consider several mining operation sustainability aspects. Initiatives for reducing the cost of electrical power were recommended i.e., building a nuclear power plant, green hydrogen plant and the Kudu gas power station. Further research should focus on the policy regarding tax relief for mining companies that are struggling to remain sustainable.
A research thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Management Strategy)
Strategic Management, Sustainable Performance, Mining Industry, Mineral Beneficiation