Three poems

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University of Namibia
I decided to use Silozi language in writing my poetry firstly to promote it countrywide and possibly to take it to another level whenever possible. It is a language that I can easily and best express all my deep thoughts and emotions on the topics that I have chosen to explain everything clearly. Also I was driven to write in Silozi due to limited writings in this language from our local writers. My main purpose is to communicate easily with general readers, but also with learners in schools, who are doing this language as a subject. I believe that, through this process such learners will have a better understanding of life and different issues that they may encounter on their way up to tertiary and university levels of learning.
Indigenous language, Silozi
Simwanza, S.S. (2017). Three Poems. JULACE: Journal of University of Namibia Language Centre, 2(2), 153-156.