Praiseworthy values in President Hifikepunye Pohamba's epideictic speech marking Namibia's 20th anniversary of independence

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University of Namibia
This paper provides a rhetorical analysis of President l-lejlkepunye Pohamba's inaugural speech which he delivered when sworn in for his second term of office on 21 March 2010, the 2oth anniversary of Namibia's Independence. In our analysis we unravel the praiseworthy values contained in the speech and we also look at the unsaid or implied messages which we label subtleties. By using careful!y chosen words and phrases, Pobamba's speech promoted democracy, peace, unity, dignity, accountability, transparency, honesty, patriotism and the rule of low in Q nation of diverse cultures. As is the practice in speech communication, Pohamba used Aristotle's three proofs of rhetoric, namely, pathos, ethos and logos in his ceremonial speech, to persuade the audience to identify with his goals. Identification and con.substantiality play a crucial role in rhetoric. Speakers employ identification and consubstantiality in their speeches in order to influence the audience to view things the way they (speakers) see them. We also demonstrate that a speech never comes in isolation or alone; the Speaker traced the past and present, and gave a glimpse of the future of the country. Throughout the speech we see a pious President who subscribes to the democratic value of turn-taking of the Presidency as he openly stated that this was his second and last term as President of the RepubHc of Namibia.
Praiseworthy, President, Independence, Inaugural, Speech
Kangira, J. 2012. Praiseworthy values in President Hifikepunye Pohamba's epideictic speech marking Namibia's20th anniversary of independence.Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences 1(1):109-116.