An evaluation of the implementation of affirmative action in Windhoek municipality

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University of Namibia
The paper evaluates the implementation of Affirmative Action in Windhoek Municipality, officially known as the Municipal Council of Windhoek. This establishment is interchangeably referred to as Municipality, City Council or Windhoek Municipality in the discussions. The municipality operationalized affirmative action in 1993, largely because of previous white male domination in its municipal structures. Subsequent to the enactment of the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act No. 29 of 1998, the institution was identified as a relevant employer as defined by the aforesaid Act. The paper establishes the Municipality’s compliance to the aforesaid Act by evaluating the effectiveness of measures put in place to align the organisation with the requirements of the Affirmative Action Policy. For purposes of analysis, emphasis was placed on positions in the Professional level, Middle and Senior management. These positions are evaluated by the Paterson grading system as C, D and E Band respectively. Primary data was sourced by interviewing parties involved in the implementation process, affected parties and the regulators of the Policy within and outside the organisation. Secondary data sources were obtained through literature on the subject. It surfaced that the Municipality has made remarkable progress in implementing the Affirmative Action Policy by increasing the number of designated groups, as prescribed by the Affirmative Action Act. This was made possible through recruitment and selection, training and development and promotions and rewards. Still, the organisation is confronted with critical challenges such as the under-representation of women and people with disabilities in managerial positions. Unless addressed timely, these challenges might affect the intended returns from this reform strategy.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Public Administration
Affirmative action, Windhoek municipality