Assessing the perceptions of clients and nurses regarding integration of the primary health care services, okuryangava and Wanahenda clinics Windhoek, Namibia

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University of Namibia
The successful implementation of the Integrated of Primary Health Care (PHC) services is major challenge for health systems internationally. This research study aimed to explore the perception of clients and nurses regarding integration of primary health care services between the two clinics (Okuryagava and Wanaheda clinics). The study objectives were to assess the perceptions of clients regarding integration of PHC services; To assess the perceptions of nurses regarding integration of PHC Services; and suggest possible recommendations that can be adopted to improve integration of PHC Services based on the perceptions of Clients and Nurses. The research was conducted using qualitative research methodology. The study used an interview guide to collect data through in-depth interviews. A total of 20 participants who include both nurses and clients were purposively sampled. Data is presented using the thematic approach while content analysis was used to analyse data. Research results show that integration of PHC services has improved relationship between nurses and clients, integration of PHC services is convenient, integration of PHC services enhances competence and PHC makes nurses assessment of clients made easier. On the other hand, integration of PHC services has led to the mixing of services that do not go along, it prolongs time a client is served, integration of PHC services does not resonate with the structure as well as the resources of the clinics and stigmatises clients. On the basis of the findings, it is recommended that there is need for resources, consultation rooms and instruments to be addressed so as improve the integration of PHC services at the clinics. If more infrastructure could be provided it would ease the problems that the nurses are currently facing. The study recommends that there is need to restructure the processes of the PHC provision at the clinics as the current ones seem to be out of sync with the available resources. The study suggests that immediate actions towards patient-centred care are necessary in order to operationally integrate all provided services and existing functions of the PHC system at the clinics. Participants were also of the view that health policymakers should adopt an evidence-based action plan that ensures and safeguards patient-centeredness, comprehensiveness, sound coordination, and continuity of services at the clinics.
A mini thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters (Public health)
Nurses, Integrated of Primary Health Care, Health care services in Namibia