Assessing the too-causes of underdevelopment in a proclaimed settlement: A case study of Okalongo settlement in the Omusati region

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University of Namibia
The study assessed the root – causes of underdevelopment in a proclaimed settlement, with a specific focus on the Okalongo settlement in the Omusati region aimed to find possible mitigation to minimise underdevelopment. The study is guided by the following three broad research questions. Firstly, what are the factors contributing to underdevelopment in the proclaimed settlement of Okalongo? Secondly, what are the perceptions of the inhabitants of Okalongo settlement in relation to underdevelopment? And thirdly, how can Okalongo settlement address underdevelopment in the area? The study is foreseen to serve as a resourceful guide to future researches and to the general hindrances of underdevelopment in local government both in Namibia and beyond. The study adopted a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research approaches and followed an explorative research philosophy. The sample size of this study was 62. It comprised the inhabitants of Okalongo settlement, administrators of Okalongo settlement office, officials of Okalongo Constituency office, members of OTA and the officials of the ORC. Data were collected through interviews and survey questionnaires. The study found that there is no improvement in the Okalongo settlement in terms of roads, housing, servicing of land, sewage system and other government services that need to be brought closer to the people. The study further recommends, community involvement, servicing of land for construction of houses and business, fair allocation of land, a complete demarcation plan of the Okalongo settlement and the fair compensation of homestead, reduce managerial power from ORC, reduce local business dominance and attract investors, consider employing local people in the Okalongo settlement office,` investigate corruption cases; and last but not least benchmarking and twining with other proclaimed settlements and local authorities.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Public Administration
Underdevelopment, Settlement, Okalongo