An assessment of the impact of public service delivery on customer satisfaction: A case study of Okahandja municipality, Namibia

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University of Namibia
This study sought to assess the impact of public service delivery on customer satisfaction at Okahandja Municipality in order to determine whether the residents of Okahandja are satisfied with the services being rendered or not, such as good sanitation, clean, healthy and reasonable water bills, uninterrupted or blocked sewage systems, healthy road networks, working street lights and collection of rubbish by the Municipality. This study utilised mixed methods through administering questionnaires with structured questions to the residents of Okahandja and conducting one-on-one interviews with employees of the Okahandja Municipality. Fifty-five participants were selected for inclusion in the study of which 51 were customers, and 4 were employees of the Municipality. Quantitative data was analysed through frequency tables, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 27. Qualitative data was analysed using thematic analysis in which occurring themes and patterns in information gathered were identified. Findings revealed that the respondents mainly disagreed with the quality-of-service delivery at the Okahandja Municipality, in terms of water supply, electricity supply and fares and taxes charged, as well as their overall satisfaction. The results also revealed that financial constraints, community participation, inadequate employee capacity and poor planning are some of the challenges faced by the municipality in delivering quality public service. The study recommends that the Okahandja Municipality look into practicing and implementing the five dimensions of quality service in its organisation as well as to ii try to utilise the Gap Analysis Theory yearly, in order to develop the organisation and promote employee training
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of master in business administration- Public sector management
Service delivery, Quality service, Public service, Customer satisfaction, Namibia